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Mark Levin: Congress is too busy chasing Trump to support NATO allies


Under Joe Biden's inept foreign policy, the world has become a powder keg of conflict, with Ukraine and Taiwan serving as the latest fuses.

According to reports, "Nearly 64,000 troops stationed in Europe could be deployed to the continent's eastern flank if President Biden makes such a call to counter growing Russian aggression at the border with Ukraine...40 warships, 175 aircraft and 90 tanks situated throughout Europe could also be readied for conflict."

"I remember when we had 1,500-2,000 tanks in Europe. I am quite concerned that we don't have that many [up to 2,000] tanks in Europe, quite frankly, " Levin said.

"Here's what they [the Biden administration] are concerned about," Mark began. "Ukraine is a huge deal. But Ukraine borders on four NATO allies. The concern is that once Russia gets ahead of steam, will they stop?"

Levin's primary concern is not going to war with Russia over Ukraine, as Biden has already said the U.S. is not be sending troops into Ukraine to fight the Russians. "Biden seeks to strengthen NATO allies, hoping to keep the fighting from bleeding over," Levin explained.

Levin emphasized that a much more significant concern is communist China going after Taiwan and other areas where China can gain control. If China is not bad enough, Iran is months away from having nuclear capabilities.

Congress could band together to support our NATO allies, but Mark reminds us that Congress is too busy trying to chase former President Donald Trump and pass massive inflation bills to be concerned with standing unified with our allies who are currently staring in the face of war.

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