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'He's lost his mind': Levin TORCHES CNN's Jake Tapper in fiery defense of Trump supporters


Tapper would never call Antifa, BLM a 'violent terrorist mob'

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First, the mainstream media told you the violent riots last summer were "mostly peaceful" protests. Then they silenced anyone who dared to questioned the pre-election changes to federal and state election laws in four key states (Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin).

And now that the media's chosen candidate has won the presidential election, their new goal is to "destroy, not-only [former President] Trump, but all of his supporters, anyone who voted for him, and overall to destroy conservatives," Mark Levin said on his most recent episode of "LevinTV."

Leftists in the media are trashing "those of us who believe in liberty, the rule of law, and a truly free press, those of us who believe in the Constitution and cultural conservatism," Levin asserted.

He lit into CNN's Jake Tapper for leading the charge to paint all MAGA supporters as a "terrorist mob."

"Jake Tapper used to be a serious journalist ... he has lost his mind. He was always a partisan but he tried to control it, but now he's lost his mind. People mock him on social media. He has no professionalism anymore," Levin said. "[Tapper] is attacking Trump supporters, and he's attacking people who even question the election results."

Levin played a clip of Tapper calling Capitol Hill rioters a "terrorist MAGA mob fed lies for months about the election."

"[Tapper] would never call Antifa, he would never call Black Lives Matter a violent terrorist mob. He never called the people who rushed the White House and injured over 50 Secret Service agents, a violent terrorist mob," he said. "When Black Lives Matter and Antifa attacked that federal courthouse in Portland for 100 nights straight ... they never called them a terrorist mob."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Mark Levin:

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