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WATCH: When Monty Python HILARIOUSLY predicted today's woke genderism


Humor 42 years ago. Reality today.

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On a recent episode of "LevinTV," Mark Levin shared a vintage clip from one of Monty Python's classic movies, "Life of Brian." Forty-two years ago, the comedy troupe eerily predicted today's "woke" narrative about gender.

"Humor 42 years ago. Reality today," Levin said of the Monty Python scene.

"That is hilarious for most of us. For some people, they'll find it offensive; I find it hilarious. And I find it poignant, actually. You can see they're trying to hold back; it's all they can do to stop from bursting out in laughter because it's so ridiculous, what they're doing and what they're saying. But it's here. It's now. It's in front of us."

Watch the video clip below:

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