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Reagan's peace through strength


The more Mark Levin mentions Reagan and his foreign policy, the more he is attacked. Is it because more young Republicans are relying on the government?

Levin thinks that might be the case.

He says, “The weird thing about Republicans — particularly conservatives — is we have real heroes who believed in liberty, and fought for it, and who fought the so-called establishment. And one of the greatest of the greats was Ronald Reagan … and we have … too many younger Republicans who are relying on government intervention.”

He says too many of them have bought into a populist ideology. Yet the Declaration of Independence rejects populism. It speaks about unalienable rights, natural law, eternal truths, the divine — none of which are populist.

Levin says, “Look at the Constitution. There’s only one body in the original Constitution that’s directly elected, and that’s the House, and they have to share power with the Senate.”

He calls this obsession with populism “problematic,” saying that “throwing Reagan off the roof along with Thatcher and Helmut Kohl … to just throw him overboard is really unbelievable to me, and quite frankly it’s an ideology of sorts that is not that different from Marxism.”

Levin says these young 28-year-olds who think they know everything, who believe they’re the next Milton Friedman, reject exactly what the greats like Friedman taught us.

They attempt to come up with new theories and ideas, while it’s the old ones that are tried and true.

Levin continues, “Well, I’m not moving. I am who I am, as Popeye once said.”

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