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Steven Crowder says what everyone is thinking about the FBI, but mainstream media focus on a tweet

Louder with Crowder

The mainstream media is being difficult for no reason

Screenshot from Steven Crowder's Tweet

After Steven Crowder's heartfelt and carefully worded cold open on Monday's show, the mainstream media decided Crowder needed to be silenced again.

Crowder felt conflicted between his feelings of anger at the FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago home and making the FBI's actions his hill to die on. "Not literally," Crowder clarified, "but it is time to fight fire with fire."

Crowder made it very clear his belief that it is time to stop playing the losing game of passively allowing agencies like the IRS and the FBI to violate and betray the American people for job security. "There is a reason you feel scared," Crowder explained. "These agencies are coming for you."

"It is okay to be scared. It is okay to be mad. I am," Crowder said.

The mainstream media are ruled by jacked-up priorities, aka lies, and lost their minds over a tweet Crowder posted the night before. The tweet read: "Tomorrow is war. Sleep well." The progressive media pounced and accused Crowder of calling for an actual war because that is what they do when they feel scared: attempt to destroy their opponents with lies.

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