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Crowder: 'I'm calling it. Biden's press conference was an unmitigated disaster.'

Louder with Crowder

Steven Crowder, the "Louder with Crowder" crew, and comedian Dave Landau provided live coverage during President Joe Biden's first press conference Thursday. The guys answered fan questions to close out the livestream.

One fan asked, "Since the Left took control of the government they haven't attempted to pass one thing the Left voters wanted, but instead have attacked the Right via gun rights and removing everything Trump did. Do you think the Democratic voters are starting to wake up?"

In his response, Crowder said he believes some Democratic voters are waking up, but he sees more of a restructuring of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Watch the video below for more.

What else?

Crowder kicked off the show with "exclusive footage" of President Biden preparing for his first press conference. Watch the parody here.

Following the livestream, Crowder posted a tweet calling the press conference a "unmitigated disaster."

Watch the clips for more. Can't watch? Download the podcast.

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