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Is Biden MORE polarizing than Trump?

Louder with Crowder

Who is more divisive: Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Well, that depends on your definition of "divisive." Steven Crowder believes that Trump and Biden have been part of the division of Americans but "in two very different ways."

In this clip, Crowder said Trump was divisive because "he pointed what we all knew for a long time but too many people were afraid to talk about, including Republicans: That the media is dishonest and the Left were liars." Donald Trump is divisive because he pointed that out, Crowder said.

"Biden is divisive because now he is a part of the lie," he added.

Crowder compiled a list of policies and compared them for a clear picture of who looks more divisive on paper: Click here for more.

  • Trump vs. Biden's most "divisive" policies:
    • Joe Biden (SOURCES: Time, CNN, AmericanMilitaryNews, RealClearPolitics, NBC)
      • Biden sent tax dollars to fund abortion overseas when he revoked the Mexico City policy.
      • Biden wanted to spy on "domestic terrorists" on the internet.
      • Biden supports BLM.
      • Said Antifa is an idea.
      • Supports biological males in girls' sports.
    • Donald Trump (SOURCES: WhiteHouseArchive, ABC, CBS, CNBC, ABC)
      • Trump forced Canada and European nations to pay their fair share in NATO.
      • Trump left the Paris climate agreement.
      • Trump left the WHO.
      • His tough-on-China stance and tariffs brought jobs back.
      • Forced Mexico to stop migrants coming to the border by levying a tariff.
  • Who was tougher on Russia?
    • Trump (SOURCES: ABC, New York Times, Brookings, TheHill)
      • Armed Ukraine.
      • Shuttered all consulates in Russia.
      • Sanctioned Russia over human rights abuses, cyberattacks, 2018 election interference, and the occupation of the Crimea.
    • Biden (SOURCES: NYPost, USAToday, StateDept, Politico, BBC)
      • Rejoined WHO and the Paris climate agreement.
      • Waived sanctions on Russian pipeline to Germany.
      • And in March, China said the U.S. under Biden isn't qualified to speak to China from a position of strength.
Watch the clip for more. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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