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New Change My Mind: Common Sense Gun Control is Nonsense

Louder with Crowder

Steven Crowder is weary of President Joe Biden's plan for the disarmament of law-abiding Americans by way of executive order. According to Crowder, Biden's executive orders aim at enhancing national red flag laws and pressuring Congress to pass more intense regulations on gun manufacturers.

Biden's intention to place heavy restrictions on gun owners prompted Steven Crowder to get a feel for how college students view gun control in this new installment of Change My Mind.

The three students featured in this video shared a common view on a need to treat gun violence as a mental health issue. Interestingly, each student found themselves disagreeing with the national red flag laws.

First up at the Change My Mind table was Evan, a young man concerned with individuals suffering with mental illness having access to firearms.

Crowder agreed that mental health is a valid concern in the context of gun ownership. But he stressed the dangers that could result from taking an individual's right to exercise their Second Amendment right simply because a neighbor reports them to the police. Crowder added that another unintended consequence of giving anyone the power to report a person as "a threat to the public or themselves" is the potential for those suffering from mental illness becoming less likely to seek professional help.

Crowder later noted the importance of not going down the road of taking away an individual's right to own a gun unless they have committed a crime.

The second student, George, was a self-proclaimed libertarian socialist who agreed that dangers associated with red flag laws are cause for concern.

The third student, Emily, was a young lady who argued for access to psychiatrists on campus to help students struggling with mental health.

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