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​Minneapolis school district will fire white teachers first

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And rehire white teachers last

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Evil teachers' unions represent one of the most powerful forces in America. It is no secret that teachers commit violent crimes ranging from sexual abuse to physical violence against vulnerable children, and the unions protect teachers over children.

The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers has now ratified an agreement with the local school systems to combat racism the only way it knows how— with more racism. How will it implement its racist worst practices? By firing white teachers first, when necessary. Also, it will come from an "underrepresented group."

Crowder provides more info in the video.

All too often, if a teacher becomes physically abusive with students, teachers' unions protect the teacher, not the child. They have even stated that minority children are less likely to report a physical altercation with their teachers. So, the "minorities first" rather than "best teacher first" seems an interesting stance for the Minneapolis Teachers Federation.

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