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WATCH: A man suffered a venomous snake bite on his genitals. Here's what happened.

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A 47-year-old Dutch man suffered a bite from a venomous snake on his genitals while vacationing at a South African nature preserve.

The unidentified man in the report was eventually flown by helicopter to the hospital after suffering a snake bite from a cobra that was hidden inside a toilet bowl.

It was reported that the man's genitals were purple and very swollen. He was suffering from scrotal necrosis, which is a medical term for scrotal tissue death.

The toxins in the venom were causing the underlying tissue on the man's genitals to break down. The doctors gave the man eight doses of snake venom antiserum, tetanus prophylaxis, and antibiotics. The venom included a toxin, metalloproteinase, that can destroy red blood cells and may have led to the man's kidneys failing, requiring him to undergo dialysis.

In this clip from "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat discussed the story.

"This is a bad day," Pat said.

According to Insider, "The report added that a plastic surgeon also performed a "penile shaft debridement, with extensive resection of dead tissue extending into the corpus spongiosum to the fold of the preputium" effectively reconstructing the man's penis once healed."

Watch the clip for more details. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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