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Flat Earth Dave joins Pat Gray for Conspiracy Theory Friday and reveals some … interesting theories

Flat Earth Dave joins Pat Gray for Conspiracy Theory Friday and reveals some … interesting theories

Pat Gray invites David Weiss, aka Flat Earth Dave, on "Pat Gray Unleashed" to discuss some wild, albeit interesting, hypotheses that Earth is (contrary to popular belief) flat.

In this segment, Dave focuses on circumnavigation — that is, to travel all the way around a continent, island, astronomical body, or in this particular case, the globe.

Pat brings up Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer from the 15th century, who is credited with being the first to circumnavigate the earth.

Dave, however, claims that’s false information. According to the flat earth theory, one can only circumnavigate the earth from east to west and vice versa, as Amelia Earhart did in the 1930s.

Assuming the earth is flat, it would be impossible to “go south and pop up [on the other side]” of the earth, he explains.

This would be possible on a globe though.

But here’s where Dave throws the flag.

Nobody has ever successfully circumnavigated the globe from one pole to the other, ending their journey where it began, he argues.

Ferdinand Megellan supposedly didn’t do it, and neither did a ZQ pilot by the name of Bill Harrelson, who set out to circumnavigate the earth via a route that passes over both the north and south poles back in 2014.

Dave displays a graphic of Harrelson’s route, which began in the north and stopped in Alaska, California, and Chile, among other destinations. But as soon as the pilot turned toward the South Pole, he was told the weather conditions were dangerous and was instructed to head back up through Brazil.

“He didn’t do it,” Dave says.

“Guess what? Guinness book gave him the world record for south-north circumnavigation,” he continues in disbelief.

Dave then attempts to debunk everything we’ve been taught about Antarctica itself and explain why he thinks we’ve been lied to for all these years.

To hear more about Dave’s unconventional theories, watch the full clip here.

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