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Is Disney’s aWOKEning the reason it REFUSED to release 'Sound of Freedom' for 5 years?

Is Disney’s aWOKEning the reason it REFUSED to release 'Sound of Freedom' for 5 years?

By now most can see that Disney has had an aWOKEning. The evidence is all over its latest movie releases, its progressive reimagining of classic Disney characters, and its banning of gendered greetings at Disney theme parks.

Is it any surprise then that the company tried to prevent the release of “Sound of Freedom,” a staunchly anti-woke film that tells the true story of Tim Ballard and his mission to save trafficked children?

To make matters worse, Disney attempted to squash the film for FIVE whole years. It even sued Angel Studios after the small media company was finally able to reacquire it.

Thankfully, the mega corporation was unsuccessful, and now millions of people are learning about the heinous human trafficking rings that victimize millions of innocent children.

On this episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Tim Ballard himself joins Pat to discuss Disney’s refusal to release the movie.

Originally, Fox produced the film, but when Disney bought Fox in 2019, the company made it abundantly clear that it had no intention of releasing the film.

“They made it very clear we [were] not doing anything with [‘Sound of Freedom’],” Ballard says.

Fortunately, through a series of miraculous events, Angel Studios finally acquired the rights to produce the movie.

And it’s blown up, selling out in theaters across the country.

In fact, in a beautifully ironic twist, “Sound of Freedom” outperformed Disney’s “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” a film with a $300+ million budget compared to “Sound of Freedom’s” humble $14 million limit.

“How ironic that it was Disney who shelved it … and then it’s Disney you beat on the day the movie came out,” Pat laughs.

“Poetic justice,” Ballard calls it.

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