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John Fetterman just BROKE the internet with the WEIRDEST fashion trend you’ve ever seen

Pat Gray Unleashed

Never mind the fact that Senator John Fetterman somehow still has 1,936 days remaining in his term, and never mind the fact that he’s “always good for a quote,” albeit a cringeworthy quote.

We’ll even overlook his two ridiculous responses to the impeachment inquiry announcement.

Today, we’re focusing on the senator’s recent fashion statement – a most unusual choice that leaves Pat Gray, Keith Malinak, and Jeff Fisher in tears from laughter.

The second time Fetterman was asked for a response regarding the impeachment inquiry, it’s impossible to focus on his response (nothing worth hearing anyway) because you’re so distracted by what he’s wearing.

To the left of his head, he pinned a life-size picture of fellow Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey’s head.

“It almost makes him look like a two-headed person,” says Pat.

“We’re an idiocracy,” laughs Keith.

Fetterman’s statement piece is so strange that you have to see it for yourself. Watch the clip below.

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