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VIDEO: John Fetterman's cringe message for Pennsylvania

Pat Gray Unleashed

'Good luck with that'

Democrat-backed John Fetterman currently leads Trump-backed Mehmet Oz in the race for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. In this video, the "Pat Gray Unleashed" morning show on BlazeTV reacted to a cringe video of Fetterman's appeal to his constituents for their support. Host Pat Gray responded to Fetterman's confusing message on Wednesday's show.

"Make sure you take advantage of this amazing opportunity, too. The only thing you have, stand to lose, is your record. Get it in," Fetterman said in the video. Pat laughed and could not get his head around what Fetterman was saying.

"Congratulations, Pennsylvania," Pat joked. "You've got to love it! Only in America can you have [Fetterman] leading by five points over a nationally known, well-spoken candidate for U.S. Senate." Video below.

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