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New remote technology poised to treat brain tumors using a stream of water

Pat Gray Unleashed

A new Israeli startup, Tamar Robotics, is developing innovative remote control technology that will revolutionize brain surgery.

"Imagine having to decide between removing someone's tumor to give them more time to live, but in the process of that they lose their ability to speak," says Moshe Shoham, a professor at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and a serial entrepreneur. "Which is really the better choice?"

The technology uses a small needle inserted through a minor incision and remotely move the needle through the patient's brain to break up tumors and blood clots using a stream of water instead of removing the tumor or blood clot.

"So, the surgeon can perform this surgery remotely with a stream of water," Pat asked rhetorically. "So does that mean the doctor can be watching Netflix and perform the surgery? ... That's weird."

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