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'Stick it up your rectal cavity': Pat Gray paraphrases Hyatt Hotels' response to cancel culture

Pat Gray Unleashed

Twitter exploded over the weekend after a photo of this year's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) stage design went viral. According to the internet, the shape of the stage resembled an othala rune, also known as an odal rune, which was a symbol adopted by the Nazi party during World War II.

Hyatt hotel hosted the annual CPAC event in Orlando, Florida, making the Hotel a target of Twitter users' demands for a boycott.

In this clip, Pat Gray Unleashed host, Pat Gray read a press release issued by Hyatt which according to Pat, told cancel culture to "stick it up your rectal cavity".

Hyatt Hotel Group had this to say:

We take pride in operating a highly inclusive environment and we believe that the facilitation of gatherings is a central element of what we do as a hospitality company. We believe in the right of individuals and organizations to peacefully express their views, independent of the degree to which the perspectives of those hosting meetings and events at our hotels align with ours. Our own values support a culture that is characterized by empathy, respect and diversity of opinions and backgrounds, and we strive to bring this to light through what we do and how we engage with those in our care.

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Watch the clip to hear more from Pat. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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