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The truth about fossil fuels & why the oil industry has 'to keep quiet,' according to a geology expert

The truth about fossil fuels & why the oil industry has 'to keep quiet,' according to a geology expert

Is America running out of oil? Dr. Tim Clarey, director of research at the Institute for Creation Research, gives Pat Gray his theory, while Gray gives his.

“It’s a renewable goo that comes from the earth,” Gray says, while Clarey disagrees.

“In some ways, it is still forming. So, in that way, it’s renewable. But there is a limited amount, of course, to anything,” Clarey explains, adding that though the oil fields “produce more than they should,” they “can only fill the reservoirs very, very slowly.”

“So, if you deplete an oil field, it may take several hundred years for that to fill back up,” he adds.

While the safety of the environment has come into question when drilling for oil, Clarey says the oil companies are not actually to be blamed for leaks.

“They blame the oil companies for leaks, but it’s really natural oil coming out of the ground,” adding that another common belief is that oil is “millions and millions of years old.”

“It’d be gone, it would be decomposed, although the conventional geologists try to argue that oil can get somehow magically pasteurized,” Clarey says.

“When I worked for Chevron, they told me that oil was 150 million years old in Wyoming, just sitting there waiting for us to tap into. And when you think about it, that makes no sense at all,” he continues.

Clarey explains that if you were to leave oil in your shed out back for 20 years, it would eventually degrade.

However, modern geologists aren’t taught to think about this.

“The problem is geologists aren’t taught to think that through,” Clarey says. “They throw the numbers out there like they mean something.”

Gray is shocked that no one in the oil industry is speaking out about this.

“They have to keep quiet,” Clarey confirms.


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