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These are Glenn Beck’s initial thoughts following his interview with Tucker Carlson

These are Glenn Beck’s initial thoughts following his interview with Tucker Carlson

Yesterday, Glenn Beck had the opportunity to conduct the first interview with Tucker Carlson following the commentator’s return from Russia to interview Vladimir Putin.

Today, Glenn sits down with Pat Gray to share his thoughts on his time with Tucker.

“I think it went really well,” says Glenn. Prior to the interview, “I really didn't know where [Tucker] stood on Russia,” and “as I pushed him on it, he really flipped.”

“He's so tired of having to be clear on absolutely everything when he thinks some things are just understood.”

In essence, Tucker told Glenn: “I'm an American, I don't care about any other country other than America ... If this is what this crappy, communist country can do, what the hell [is America] doing?” and explained that Russia was actually far nicer than it’s being portrayed in the media and that our biggest concern should be the rapid devolution of the United States.

Another topic of conversation was Tucker’s inexplicable ability to relate to the common man despite growing up in the political sphere of Washington, D.C.

“I said, ‘You grew up in Washington, D.C. Your dad ... was part of the machine,”’ Glenn recounts. “‘How is it you escaped all this elitism — because you are kind of elite — and yet you relate to the people?”’

“‘I don’t,’ [Tucker] said. ‘I am the elite ... but because I grew up around them, I know them, and I know them by name ... I despise them.”’

“He said, ‘I love America, and I hate the people who are running it,”’ Glenn explains.

Even though people have essentially called Tucker “Vladimir Putin’s b****” following his controversial interview, “he's not,” says Pat. “He’s just pointing out that we've let our country go to ruin ... and it's partly because of the oppression that they have in Russia.”

Glenn confirms that this is entirely true.

“[Tucker] said, ‘I’m not saying we should be Russian. We should be pissed off that the Russians have this,”’ referring to how nice and in-tact Russia actually is, ‘“while we have tent cities”’ in America.

“He’s absolutely right,” says Glenn.

Tucker also took a similar approach when Glenn broached the subject of Alexei Navalny’s mysterious and sudden death.

“He said, ‘Why does that matter so much to Americans? … I don’t care about Navalny. I care about what’s happening here in America.”’

In sum, Tucker told Glenn, “‘I don't care about the internal politics of Ukraine; I don't care about the internal politics of Russia ... How does that affect us?”’

“He’s right,” agrees Pat.

To hear more of Glenn’s thoughts on his interview with Tucker, watch the clip below.

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