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VIRAL: Non-binary gets kicked out of gay bar and then SOBS HYSTERICALLY on TikTok

Pat Gray Unleashed

Apparently not all gay bars cater to the alphabet mafia. Who knew?

One such bar decided it was not going to play the pronoun game when a non-binary patron called out the bartender for referring to her (at least we think it's a her) and her wife as “ladies.” The two were quickly escorted out of the bar.

But the aftermath is where it gets really juicy.

The one who looks like a biological woman on all fronts then filmed a TikTok that “broke the internet” with its virality.

Sobbing hysterically, she recounts the so-called horror of her experience.

“Basically I was just getting a drink at the bar and they called both Azul and I ladies,” she wails. “I was like some people don’t refer to themselves as ladies, but it’s okay that you didn’t know.”

“I’m at a gay bar so we should feel safe,” she sobs into the camera.

Pat Gray is so taken aback by the absurdity that he wonders if the video is a joke.

“Oh, this is totally serious,” says Keith Malinak before resuming the video.

“They took the drink away from my wife and I … and then they kicked us out,” she bawls. “I felt brave enough to tell somebody my identity.”

Of course the couple blames the entire ordeal on the other patrons of the bar – “white men.”

We’re so shocked.

“Good job by the guy … running the bar there, saying 'get out,'” says Keith.

Amen to that.

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