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Wait, wait, wait ... Pat Gray actually AGREES with Joe Biden on something?!

Pat Gray Unleashed

Joe Biden has expressed that he can’t believe he’s actually having discussions about book banning in America. He’s just flabbergasted that people would want to ban sexually explicit books for children – books that teach “every single sexual position, perversion, and preference known to mankind.”

We have to wonder how he felt about the Democratic push a few years ago to ban "To Kill a Mockingbird" and Dr. Suess. Knowing him, he probably would’ve been on board.

But book banning is not the subject on which Pat Gray and Joe align.

In fact, Pat diametrically opposes Grandpa Joe on nearly every issue out there:

“Here's a guy who's been an active participant in overseeing the end of actual science and biology.”

“He's been an active participant in the fanatical effort to kill babies.”

“He is striving hard to destroy free speech, ... our sovereign borders, pronouns, women's sports, [and] affordable energy, including gasoline.”

“He's been instrumental in eliminating affordable food.”

“And maybe worst of all, he is the all-time leader in the evil war to eliminate truth itself.”

So what exactly is it that they agree on?

Biden claims that he never thought he’d be the president of the United States.

“I never thought he'd be president either, so at least we agree on that.”

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