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WATCH: AOC almost has an honest discussion about civil asset forfeiture

Pat Gray Unleashed

Recently, House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez addressed the horrors of civil asset forfeiture during a House hearing where she criticized the common police practice.

Congress is now talking about civil asset forfeiture, Pat Gray said on Tuesday's episode of Pat Gray Unleashed. Pat, a staunch critic of asset forfeiture, often covers news stories on the topic, and he gets fired up every time.

"It's asinine that we even have to talk about this," Pat said. He had some fun at the expense of police officers who often use the "my dog smelled drugs" excuse to seize large sums of cash from individuals without ever filing a criminal charge.

But, just when Pat started having hope that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez might do some good and create an honest discussion about asset forfeiture, she pivoted left and made the issue about class warfare and racism. Watch Pat explain why civil asset forfeiture is a problem for all Americans. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

AOC Almost Understands Civil Asset Forfeiture

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