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Alex Stein vs. protesters in Idaho. Who wins?

Prime Time with Alex Stein

Alex Stein, the ultimate internet troll and host of “Prime Time with Alex Stein,” spent his weekend protesting a protest in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Competing in shouting matches with protesters, roasting white antiracists, and mocking abortion advocates were among the highlights of Stein’s escapades.

“I’m a baby killer,” said one protester.

At least he was honest.

Ukrainian flags and pride flags alike stood in solidarity with leftism and its many virtues.

“They don’t realize a fetus has a heart,” Stein shouted over an angry feminist. “You’re a clump of cells!”

“You’re a loser who wants to kill more babies, so it’ll never have an existence,” said Stein.

Is he wrong, though?

“Are you happy you were born?” Stein asked.

“Everyone’s happy that they’re born,” a woman responded.

“Exactly,” Stein yelled into the camera. “So, let them be born!”

A pair of white women, enraged over trans rights and racism, engaged in a surprisingly calm conversation with Stein.

“You’re complaining about racism and you’re white,” Stein said.

Leftist don’t like when conservatives make a point, so they disengaged.

Stein, the pimp on a blimp, continued to troll the protesters, all with his characteristic grin and animated demeanor.

“How tall are you?”

“Are you pregnant?”

“You’re such a delusional loser!”

Stein’s ability to transform conflict into comedy is uncanny. Interactions that would make most others cringe are exactly the ones that Stein has in his comfort zone. The Idaho protest was no exception.

Watch the libs get trolled below:

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