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Disney headed for another train wreck: ‘X-Men’ gets woke remake with nonbinary character

Disney headed for another train wreck: ‘X-Men’ gets woke remake with nonbinary character

On March 20, a new animated show called “X-Men ‘97” will drop on Disney+, and according to the top fan account on X, @XMenUpdate, the series “revisits the iconic era of the 1990s as the X-Men, a band of mutants who use their uncanny gifts to protect a world that hates and fears them, are challenged like never before, forced to face a dangerous and unexpected new future.”

But before you excitedly think that Disney is finally honoring an original fan base by creating a series set in the 90s, think again.

Instead of being “steeped in nostalgia,” as a 90s throwback should be, “X-Men ‘97” will feature nonbinary characters, which is interesting, granted "nonbinary" wasn’t even a concept in the 90s.

“From everything we've seen so far, it looks like ‘X-Men ‘97' is going to be exactly as woke as what we've now come to expect from Disney,” says Lauren Chen.

@XMenUpdate posted that the character Morph would be “nonbinary” and have “an interesting buddy relationship with Wolverine.”

Not only is the original character of Morph a man, but even the image of the new Morph @XMenUpdate attached to the post “very clearly shows a male,” sighs Lauren.

Per usual, "X-Men" fans are upset that Disney is once again ruining a beloved classic by pumping it full of political propaganda. In fact, people were so outspoken about their frustration with Morph’s revamp that @XMenUpdate “locked replies” on the post and then “proceeded to call everybody bigots in a follow-up post.”

“If Morph being nonbinary makes you angry, you clearly don't know what X-Men stand for,” the account posted.

In another post, it said: “The X-Men have and always will be symbols for inclusion and diversity. If you’re a bigot and have a problem with that, you’re not an X-Men fan and you don’t understand the slightest thing about them.”

“If you are a fan who doesn't like this new version of Morph, I don't think that automatically makes you a bigot for noting that. ‘Hey, you guys are departing from the source material for what seems like ideological reasons,’” corrects Lauren.

“Yes, the X-Men as a concept” was built on “the message of inclusion,” she continues, “but the idea of a nonbinary character doesn't really fit into that, if you ask me, because the point of the X-Men is treat everybody the same regardless of their differences, but when it comes to nonbinary people, it's more like they are the same as everybody else but they want to be treated differently.”

“The entire premise of a nonbinary gender identity is actually trying to make something that is really essentially the same as everyone else into a different category, which is the opposite of the X-Men's messaging.”

To learn more about the “X-Men ‘97” and the controversy surrounding it, watch the clip below.

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