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Preview of 'Fallout' – will Amazon’s highly anticipated postapocalyptic drama live up to the hype?

Preview of 'Fallout' – will Amazon’s highly anticipated postapocalyptic drama live up to the hype?

On April 11, Amazon Prime will drop “Fallout,” a TV series based on one of the most popular video games of all time. The retro-futuristic drama will unfold on a postapocalyptic Earth that has been all but destroyed from nuclear warring. The descendants of those who escaped have been surviving in fallout bunkers called vaults. But these vault dwellers are returning to the hellscape their predecessors destroyed, and it’s a place of chaos, violence, and bizarreries beyond their wildest imagination.

Lauren Chen was initially excited about the series, until she remembered, “Oh wait, it’s Amazon,” which is behind the production.

However, her hopes were revived a bit when she saw the first trailer.

“The first trailer for the series did launch a few months ago, and I've got to say, I, at least, was pleasantly surprised by it,” she says.

However, she’s second-guessing her initial reaction after seeing a clip from the series.

“Everything looks so cheap,” she sighs, “and this is not a cheap show. Amazon does not cheap out on its productions.”

Further, some of the characters — specifically the ones who’ve been living on postapocalyptic Earth — “are supposed to look weathered and dirty,” but “they very clearly look like actors who are wearing costumes that are props,” argues Lauren, adding that much of the “clothing looks too put together to be postapocalyptic.”

In addition to the poor costumes and set, the dialogue also seems to be a bit phony, at least in the preview.

“It frankly just doesn't seem very good,” according to Lauren.

However, quotes from the film’s director, Jonathan Nolan, are perhaps the biggest red flag when it comes to “Fallout.”

According to Bounding Into Comics, “Amazon’s ‘Fallout’ director says it would have been ‘a fool’s errand’ to try and appeal to fans” and that he was excited to “create [his] own version” of the series.

“That’s not good,” says Lauren. “It kind of signals to me that they've just decided to do whatever they wanted with the show instead of trying to be loyal to the source material,” which will likely upset the video game’s large fan base.

Nolan, however, does have impressive credentials in the film industry, so “he likely may have done a good job,” says Lauren.

To hear more of her analysis on Amazon’s new “Fallout” series, watch the clip below.

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