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Sam Smith’s DISGUSTING and SATANIC Performance

Sam Smith’s DISGUSTING and SATANIC Performance

Pop artist Sam Smith has come under fire recently for a performance that many are calling “satanic.”

Smith is self-described as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

In videos making the rounds on social media, Smith is pictured wearing devil horns, nipple tassels, and wire crowns.

Lauren Chen believes that this “just proves that Sam Smith currently is the wokest celebrity in basically every category.”

“I mean,” she continues, “he’s embracing Satanism to give Christianity the middle finger.”

A lot of people might say “who cares,” but Chen thinks it’s important that we do.

“The answer is I care, and yes we absolutely should make time to discuss this, because ultimately, this sets the tone for what our society is accepting and open to, and personally, I don’t want to live in a society where overweight men are paraded around in lingerie and celebrated for it.”

She also recognizes that a lot of people might say she’s trying to “body-shame” Sam Smith.

“I am trying to body-shame him,” she replies. “And it’s like, look, he can look like whatever he wants, but he is literally wiggling his body in front of me.”

She adds that “he probably thinks he’s being really edgy and subversive because he’s going against, I guess, Christian norms,” but Chen believes that’s not actually edgy any more.

“At this point, if Sam Smith actually wanted to go against the mold and do something that would stand out, and push back against the current culture, he would do the opposite. He would do what people like Chris Pratt have done and actually embrace Christianity publicly.”

“That’s being counterculture,” she says.

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