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Man conceived through rape EXPOSES Planned Parenthood's RACIST roots

Man conceived through rape EXPOSES Planned Parenthood's RACIST roots

Ryan and Bethany Bomberger co-founded the Radiance Foundation to fight to show the world the value and purpose of every life — but it has not been without resistance.

“I remember being told to my face in a debate at Harvard that basically, I should have been aborted,” Ryan tells Allie Beth Stuckey.

Ryan’s mother conceived him through rape, yet he was given a chance to live. “I am that fringe case. I’m the 1% that’s used 100% of the time to justify abortion, and I thank God for a courageous birth mom who not only gave me the gift of life but gave me the gift of adoption.”

Their fight to show mothers that there are options other than abortion took an interesting turn when the Radiance Foundation was sued by the NAACP.

The foundation was the first organization to launch public ad campaigns targeting the disproportionate impact of abortion in the black community. The campaigns featured 60 billboards across San Francisco that read “Black and Beautiful. TooManyAborted.com.”

The ad campaign was not only meant to illuminate just how tragic abortion has been for the black community but to call out Planned Parenthood’s eugenic past and unaltered and elitist DNA.

“We were just bashed,” Ryan tells Stuckey. “We were denounced by a group that I grew up revering: NAACP. They called our campaign horribly racist and that it gave the false impression that Planned Parenthood kills black babies.”

“That was the first moment when I realized civil rights had gone wrong,” he adds.

This is when Ryan decided to write an article titled “The National Association for the Abortion of Colored People” — and when the NAACP decided to sue.

Ryan “never thought it would even go to court, because hello, brown guy exercising, you know, civil rights, free speech.”

However, what’s obvious to Ryan and Bethany isn’t so obvious to everyone else — especially other activists.

“I mean, they say on one hand ‘Black Lives Matter,’ but then they are standing in solidarity with the leading killer of black lives,” Ryan says, adding, “We’ve been calling that out for years. We’ve been extolling the truth that black lives matter, that every single life created in the image of God — which is all of us — matters.”

Not only do these activists seem unaware of the blatant hypocrisy that is essentially the foundation of their ideology, but the very foundation of Planned Parenthood has extremely racist roots.

“Let’s look at the history of Planned Parenthood, let’s look at the history of Margaret Sanger. Let’s look at how specifically anti-black eugenics was tied into the very foundation, the very fabric of Planned Parenthood,” Stuckey says.

While Margaret Sanger was an admitted white supremacist, Ryan notes that Planned Parenthood has gotten worse than it was when it was run by her.

“It’s interesting,” he adds, “because you hear people make the argument, ‘Well, Planned Parenthood’s not the same today as it was during Margaret Sanger’s days.’ And I’m like, actually it wasn’t as evil. It wasn’t quite as evil. It’s worse now because they’re actually killing millions of human beings.”

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