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WATCH: What is the Holy Trinity of 'wokeism'?

Steve Deace Show

Today, "wokeism" is the spirit of the age so Steve Deace and his crew did some enemy reconnaissance for this week's installment of "Theological Thursday."

In this clip, Steve Deace, Aaron McIntire, and Todd Erzen responded to audience member, Mike, who wrote: "If wokeism is its own religion and modeled as a counterfeit version of Christianity, how would you answer the following question?: What is the Holy Trinity of wokeism?"

According to Aaron, the Holy Trinity of wokeism is government, science, and emotions. The father is represented by the government Aaron explained, because in wokeism the government supersedes all. The son is represented by science in wokeism because science is their savior. And the Holy Spirit is represented by emotions because if you are woke then emotions rule everything you do.

"Dude... I don't even think I want to answer after that," Steve said enviously.

Watch the clip to hear how Todd and Steve answered. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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