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Glenn Beck shares his personal experience with solar energy and why you will hate it!

Stu Does America

After 10 years and $500K, the electricity is stable but not favorable

After ten years and roughly half a million dollars, Glenn Beck finally got the electricity stable out on his ranch. In this clip, Stu Burguiere, host of "Stu Does America," inquired about Glenn's "green dream," which sounds more like a nightmare.

According to Glenn, the pricey investment in his solar-powered ranch requires a significant compromise in quality of living. Glenn's ranch house does not have air conditioning, has a small refrigerator, and has different ovens because of the power draw, and they "suck!"

Are electric cars and solar-powered homes ready for the public to accept as the standard?

"Solar energy is not ready for prime time," Glenn explained. Watch the video to hear more on this topic.

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