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Chad Prather: You can't find middle ground with people who want to eat babies

The Chad Prather Show

Is it possible to love your neighbor as you love yourself in this day and age? Chad Prather believes it is.

He says, “If you understand actual love as it is lived in a verb sense, and not felt in an adjective sense, then when I tell you to love your neighbor, you get it. You take that person for everything he or she is and everything he or she can be and you do as our Lord did and you die to yourself for them. You help them carry the burden of being human.”

But does this remain true even for the worst humanity has to offer?

Prather shows a TikTok video that was recently posted on the Libs of TikTok Twitter account.

The video shows a trans activist with bright pink hair, white eyes, and upside-down crosses painted the person's face. The trans activist talks about dumpster-diving behind abortion clinics and taking those “mushy little gummy bear-looking” aborted fetuses and eating them.

The person says, “I’m gonna blend them into a smoothie, eat them right in front of you. I’m gonna be eating these little babies, and what are they gonna do — cry to God about it?”

The person then laughs and continues, “What’s God gonna do, strike me down with a lightning bolt like Zeus?”

Chad says, “You’re not gonna win that person over by arguing with them. It’s not your responsibility to try to save that person from themselves. But that’s a perfect example. That’s a person who has very low self-worth right there.”

He says people like that are fighting an “esteem battle” and simply trying to get attention because they need it to feel good about themselves.

“That’s what this girl is doing here. By talking about, you know, blending up aborted babies and making a smoothie out of them and eating them, and then people like you and me, what are we going to do, cry to our God about it?”

“This is what we’re up against,” he says.

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