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Best-selling author Anthony William on becoming the 'Medical Medium' and the healing benefits of celery juice

The Glenn Beck Program

Anthony's book inspired Tania's 'celery juice jihad' — much to Glenn's digestive dismay

New York Times best-selling author Anthony William joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to talk about the life-changing healing practice of drinking celery juice, his lifelong journey as a "Medical Medium" who discovered he could "read" people's health conditions at the age of 4 and his mission to use his gift (and sometimes curse) to help people suffering with chronic illnesses.

They discussed Anthony's best-selling book, "Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal," as well as his unprecedented accuracy and success rate as a medical medium for millions of people worldwide who struggled with all kinds of acute and chronic symptoms.

Watch the video above to catch a clip of the fascinating conversation.

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