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'They tell us it's our civic duty to DROP DEAD': Here's how EVIL Canada's assisted suicide program has become
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'They tell us it's our civic duty to DROP DEAD': Here's how EVIL Canada's assisted suicide program has become

'This really is the end stage of socialized medicine'

Canada's Medical Assistance in Dying program killed nearly as many Canadians as COVID-19 did in 2021, and changes to the law will soon make this form of "medical homicide" an option for those whose only medical condition is a mental illness, including veterans with PTSD, the depressed, or even "mature" children under the age of 18.

Rebel News chief reporter Sheila Gunn Reid joined Glenn Beck on the radio program with the latest updates on what she called Canada's "culture of death," including why Canada's socialized health care policies are to blame and why she believes more people are dying from medical suicide than the government is reporting.

Reid told Glenn that while official reports say that more than 10,000 Canadians died with medical assistance in 2021, the actual number is likely much higher for two main reasons.

"Doctors are now in Canada under advisement from certain medical associations to obscure the numbers by listing the cause of death as the reason the person sought MAID ... instead of the actual medical homicide at the hands of the state," Reid explained.

"Also, that 10,000 number, those are people who asked for medical homicide in writing. But in Canada, you don't have to ask in writing. You don't have to wait ten days the way we used to have to wait. You can just ask for it and get it on the very same day now."

Reid went on to emphasize, "This really is the end stage of socialized medicine. The government is creating the suffering for so many of these people in Canada through their own ineptitude. But instead of doing a better job of alleviating people's suffering, they tell us it's our civic duty to drop dead and get out of the health care line."

Under Canada's socialized health care system, a person who is suffering from chronic pain can now get medical assistance in dying far more easily than corrective medical treatment, according to Reid.

"In Canada, the standard of care for knee replacement surgery is 182 days," she said. "However, you can seek medical assistance in dying for the chronic pain you have because of your knee on the very same day you ask for it. That's because, in Canada, you don't have to be terminally ill. You just have to be chronically ill and dissatisfied with the level of care that you're receiving."

"Over the past two years, it's really been horrendous here in Canada," Reid continued. "We had a 91-year-old lady who was in the news in Vancouver because she sought medical assistance in dying because she didn't want to go back into COVID lockdown in her nursing home. Young people with diabetes or eating disorders seeking medical assistance in dying. People who are dissatisfied with the government-subsidized housing that they're receiving saying, 'I don't want to be homeless, so I have a chronic illness, and I'm going to seek medical assistance in dying.' ... We've got up to nine veterans that are on the record saying that, instead of helping them ... Veterans Affairs suggested to them that perhaps, because you're in such chronic pain and you're experiencing acute PTSD, wouldn't it just be better for everybody involved if you dropped dead?"

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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