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COINCIDENCE? Investigative journalist SUBPOENAED while preparing BOMBSHELL January 6 report

COINCIDENCE? Investigative journalist SUBPOENAED while preparing BOMBSHELL January 6 report

Investigative journalist Steve Baker is one of only five journalists with access to the full 41,000 hours of January 6 tapes.

However, while he was working on a story with Blaze Media to expose his findings, a grand jury subpoenaed his own tapes filmed inside the Capitol during the riot. He was there as a journalist.

Baker believes this is another attempt by the government to intimidate and entrap him, and Glenn Beck thinks he just might be right.

“They’re trying to entrap me in a process crime,” Baker tells Glenn.

“And they will keep your mouth shut, and if you don’t, if you do what you’re doing right now, they’re going to charge you with obstruction of justice because you were impeding the law enforcement just doing what it was trying to do,” Glenn says.

Baker warns Glenn that the “most dangerous aspect of nearly all of these J6 cases is the Department of Justice’s focus on speech and the limiting of speech.”

“It’s those words that are being used to establish these incredibly ominous precedents in hundreds and hundreds of federal court cases against political expression by those who dare to think, act, speak against the approved narrative,” he adds.

Glenn notes that he is also being targeted for his political expression as well, adding that his “family is being targeted.”

“It will not stand, and when we are ready to expose we will,” Glenn says. “Thank God you are brave enough to do this. A man who will not go gently into the good night, a man who is being threatened now with prosecution because of his January 6 videos.”

Baker then drops a bombshell on what he saw and captured through his video.

“I was seeing the Department of Justice and the FBI colluding in creating evidence that didn’t exist out of whole cloth and then also of course suppressing exculpatory evidence that should have been allowed into those trials,” Baker says.

“I had this eureka moment and I went ‘Oh my God, this is a conspiracy under the part of the Department of Justice to convict these men,’” he adds.

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