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'Do NOT go outside': Nurse in China issues warning, claims up to 90,000 already infected with coronavirus

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'If you are safe now, you will be able to meet your family again healthy next year'

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Experts fear the new coronavirus in China and a possible epidemic for two reasons: It's spreading at a much faster rate than other viruses, and it's transferable to other humans for days before symptoms can be detected, allowing infected patients to spread the disease to others without realizing it.

On Saturday, the Daily Mail reported that an unnamed woman believed to be a nurse in Wuhan, China, claimed that there are actually as many as 90,000 people already infected in China. She posted a video on social media warning people to stay inside.

"I would like to say that everyone who is currently watching this video, do not go outside. Don't party. Do not eat out," she said. "If you are safe now, you will be able to meet your family again healthy next year."

The woman went on to say that cities throughout the country are overwhelmed and need more supplies to effectively fight the virus. Read more on this here.

On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere discuss just how bad the coronavirus really is, how many people are infected, and how worried we should be in America.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:


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