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Ted Cruz on Dems' caucus count DEBACLE: 'And these are the people they want to put in charge of our health care?' No, thank you!

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Texas GOP senator discusses Iowa caucus with Glenn

Broadcasting live from Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, Glenn Beck and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) discussed the technical issues and delays that derailed Monday night's Democratic caucus in Iowa.

"It is an absolute mess. It is chaos," Cruz said of the debacle. "And, you know, I have to say I really feel for all the thousands of volunteers. You have candidates who spent a year or more crisscrossing the state. And as you know ... we had people come from Texas, from all over the country in 2016, basically move to Iowa, stay in dormitories, and go out in blizzards, knocking on doors, making phone calls. They poured their hearts into it. It's not too much to have, at the end of the night, an election result. I cannot imagine the frustration, the anger they're feeling."

Glenn asked Cruz to speak to headlines that claimed "Republicans gloat over Iowa caucus meltdown."

"It's interesting they said that," Cruz responded. "I've said a total of one thing today on that. I sent a tweet as I was driving in this morning. And my tweet pointed out that Dems today can't even stand in a gymnasium and count who is standing under which sign. And these are the people they want to put in charge of our health care, and everything else in our lives? No, thank you!"

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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