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DISTURBING: AI caught 'lying, manipulating, and distorting facts'

DISTURBING: AI caught 'lying, manipulating, and distorting facts'

In a terrifying development, a version of ChatGPT’s GPT-4 AI was recently caught lying to researchers about making an insider trade during a simulation.

Glenn Beck has already been worried about where the development of AI is going to lead, especially considering several recent stories have highlighted AI lying, manipulating, and distorting facts.

But the government doesn’t seem worried.

Instead of proceeding with caution, it's been shelling out billions to AI over the past few years — and one of the most recent ventures is dystopian levels of freaky.

“It’s like a billion dollars to AI to create basically what Kathy Hokul is talking about here in New York — a way for AI to go out and just look at information, discover if it’s true, if it’s not; disinformation, misinformation, and shut it down, and steer you away from those things,” Glenn explains.

Not only is it a clear indicator that the government is coming for our speech, but “they want it to be more equitable and inclusive.”

“So it’ll have built-in bias,” Glenn warns.

Not only are many people afraid of movies like "The Terminator" or "The Matrix" becoming prophecies with the continued progress of AI — but some have noticed that tech leaders have openly told the world that they “want to summon the demon.”

“That’s what they actually call AI,” Glenn says.

Now that AI has reportedly already taught itself to insider trade and lie about it, Glenn worries it’ll learn much, much, worse tricks.

“Will we teach it that God is a figment of primitive and superstitious imaginations, that there’s no existence — in fact it’s just the random movement of meaningless matter particles?” Glenn asks.

“It will be our master,” he adds.

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