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Donald Trump Jr. SLAMS bank: ‘They’ll do this to ANYONE’

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Glenn Beck interviewed Donald Trump Jr., co-founder of MxM News, about the shocking end to his business relationship with PNC Bank.

“I wanted to make sure that people had the ability to see all of the news, not just what Big Tech deems to be important enough to show on Apple News or on Google’s homepage … so I built my own with a friend,” Trump Jr. said.

The news aggregator app contained stories from sites of all leanings, simply compiling stories for the people to view all in one place. Despite this non-biased news experience, PNC ended its business relationship with MxM News without warning or cause.

“[My partner in MxM] was going to the bank, and they go ‘You have zero account balance.’ ... We thought we were hacked,” said Trump Jr.

PNC had decided to close the account without any warning or announcement and unceremoniously mail a cashier’s check to the slighted customer. The only reason Trump Jr. could think of for the cancellation was the inclusion of conservative-leaning stories on the app.

“If they can do that to me, who won’t they do it to?” Trump Jr. asked.

“When does a bank become the arbiter of truth?” Glenn asked. “Even if you were putting things out that they said were untrue, there’s been a lot of lies from the government and the government has called us liars for pointing it out.”

The purpose of banks is purely monetary, but they are becoming a weapon in the arsenal of political and social justice.

MxM’s account has since been restored, citing a mistaken “good faith” error. But from a company that refused to spare the time for a clarifying phone call, how much can that really be trusted?

Watch the full video below:

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