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THESE signs hint that traveling may soon be RESTRICTED

THESE signs hint that traveling may soon be RESTRICTED

As the world becomes increasingly digital post-COVID, more and more Americans have taken the opportunity to work remotely and travel or live places they never dreamed they’d have the chance to see.

But Glenn Beck thinks that’s all about to change, as the far left and global elites are gradually changing our conception of traveling and who is allowed to do it.

Travel expert Michael O’Fallon joins Glenn to discuss these impending restrictions.

“This all started, of course, in 2020. It was an essential part of the Great Reset — everything everywhere all at once,” O’Fallon explains.

The expert believes that we’ll have “absolute restrictions on air travel” because we are being told we need to meet environmental goals by 2030.

“What do you think that they did with the vaccinations? None of that was working anyway, but they still kept their vaccination policies in place to make sure that you have people that are in a favored status and those that are in a non-favored status,” O’Fallon continues.

“We’ve already accepted that. We’ve already played by those sorts of rules, but now it’s going to be fully implemented in terms of ESG metrics,” he adds.

While many may believe that the tourism industry is too big to fail, O’Fallon notes that it will be forced to comply via sustainable development goals.

“The thing that was pressed upon everybody there is that you must be in step with the 17 sustainability development goals of the United Nations.”

Glenn is concerned, but knows this has been in the works for a long time.

“Tell people about the 15-minute cities, what are those exactly?” he asks.

“A 15-minute city is a way to be able to control population. It’s a way to be able to keep people close as you are developing smart cities,” O’Fallon explains.

“This is an autocratic move that’s happening right now. And it’s purposeful, and it’s strategic. And so what you have to see is that all of these things — between travel, between education, between your ability just to have freedom of mobility — it’s all part of the same thing,” he continues.

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