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Here's the REAL reason the US media won't tell you about these MASSIVE protests in Europe

The Glenn Beck Program

The world is preparing. Why aren't we?

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Protests over soaring energy, food, and fuel prices have broken out across Europe, but the corporate media can't seem to care less. These people are protesting the same things Americans are upset with: unaffordable living costs, inflation, energy shortages, what banks are doing to our money, and what political leaders are doing (or not doing) to help.

Europe is ahead of the United States in this economic crisis, but the same things are happening here. While Europeans face a winter during which many may not be able to afford heat, the Biden administration is focused on things like trans surgeries, emptying our strategic petroleum reserve, and throwing money at Ukraine.

On the radio program Tuesday, Glenn Beck explained why U.S. policies have made America, the world's most reliable lifeboat, unable to responsibly assist the nations that will soon need it most.

"The world is preparing for famine. The world is preparing for huge inflation. The world is preparing for shortages of energy, of food, of medical care. The world is on the verge of World War III," Glenn said.

"America, when did you lose your ability to think critically?" he continued. "The entire world is doing this, and we're just having a party. We're just arguing about transgender issues, having strip shows for our kids, and spending money like it's going out of style ... while not taking care of our business at home."

"We are at the end here, gang," Glenn warned. "Prepare yourself and your family and everyone who will listen, because it is coming."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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