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Blaze Media will not be censored

Blaze Media will not be censored

You’re not going to see many posts from Glenn Beck in your Facebook morning feed moving forward. The reason why is infuriating, but considering we’re up against a bunch of propagandists and “lying fatheads,” it’s entirely expected.

The Big Tech gods at Facebook have deemed Glenn’s latest video with Tucker Carlson regarding the January 6th footage as containing partly false information.

One of the moments that “independent fact-checkers” found to be “false” was when Stu and Glenn discussed the curious case of Ray Epps.

Ray Epps had sent a text to his nephew bragging that he “orchestrated” the January 6th unrest. He did send that text. Stu and Glenn discussed this, pointing out that, despite clearly egging the January 6th protestors on, he hasn’t been charged with any crime.

But wait, this is when fact-checkers came to the rescue!

The statement is supposedly partly false because Ray Epps told the January 6th Committee that he didn’t really mean it. Really. Apparently that’s all it takes.

Beck responds, “Thank goodness you’ve let me know that! You know what’s weird is I remember if anybody would post that Glenn Beck isn’t a racist, they would probably fact-check that. Because, you know, I was a racist for saying on television that I thought Obama was a racist.”

According to Beck, Facebook has said that “all you have to do is issue a correction and take it back, and we’ll get rid of all the penalties, all of them. And you’ll be allowed to be read by your people.”

Beck stands firm in his decision not to comply, saying, “Go screw yourself.”

He says, “I am not changing my opinion. I am not changing the facts.”

Beck continues, “We are in the battle of good and evil, truth and lies. There is no neutral anymore. Either you fight for the truth, or you enable lies.”

This is why here at BlazeTV, we need you to become a subscriber today. As Beck puts it, “You are the lifeblood of everything we do. Without you, we are at the complete mercy of Big Tech.”

Please go to BlazeTV.com/subscribe today and use code WILLNOTBECENSORED, which will give you $20 off an annual subscription. This code will only be active for a few days, so there’s never been a better time to help us fight back against Big Tech censorship.

We look forward to continuing our fight against Big Tech with you at our side.

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