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Glenn Beck: Why are the FDA & Pfizer REFUSING to release vaccine data?

Glenn Beck: Why are the FDA & Pfizer REFUSING to release vaccine data?

'That makes a joke of the FDA and the federal government's promise of transparency'

Civil rights attorney Aaron Siri is demanding answers and transparency from Pfizer. He represents dozens of doctors and medial professionals, from the nation’s most prestigious institutions, who all wish to conduct a critical review of the vaccine but are unable to thanks to Pfizer and the FDA. Siri joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to explain why this lawsuit is so important for all Americans.

According to Siri, the FDA has claimed it will take over 75 years for Pfizer to review and release the documents in question, even though it only took them only 108 days to do the same before approving the vaccine for public use.

"It's the FDA — the taxpayer-funded agency that's supposed to be looking out for our interests — that is refusing to release the data," Siri told Glenn. "The FDA reviewed those same documents, in a review they said was thorough and complete and robust, in just 108 days to license Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine product for use in America.

"But yet, when it comes to being transparent with the documents reviewed, the documents received from Pfizer, [the FDA] is saying that it will only produce about 500 pages a month. So with over 450,000 pages, what that means is that the documents won't be fully produced until the year, at least, 2096 ... that makes a joke of the FDA and the federal government's promise of transparency."

Siri went on to note that the federal government has given FISA complete immunity from liability for any injuries caused by the product they are seeking to mandate for all Americans.

"You're an American, you get this product, and you're injured. The federal government does not let you sue them or anybody else. You're basically on your own," Siri explained. "The federal government is also mandating you to take this product. And, the federal government has given Pfizer over $17 billion. But yet, the federal government doesn't want to let you see the documents," he continued.

"At a minimum, Americans should be given the dignity, if they have to take it and they can't sue for harm, at least they should have the ability to get a second opinion. An independent review. We call it peer review in science," Siri added. "Absolutely, it's very concerning. But I think it's the result of what happens when government steps in and acts, really like a company, instead of working for the people."

Watch the video clip below to catch more if this important conversation:

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