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FACT: Gun homicides are NOT on the rise in America. Glenn Beck has the stats

FACT: Gun homicides are NOT on the rise in America. Glenn Beck has the stats

Statistics show gun homicides have dropped significantly over the past 25 years

On Monday's radio program, Glenn Beck talked about how the mainstream media twists the facts to convince Americans that gun homicides are on the rise. Interestingly, even the Washington Post has confirmed that statistics show gun homicides have dropped "substantially over the past 25 years" in a recent report.

And yet, the majority of the media, both domestic and international, continue to push an anti-gun narrative that would have us all believe that gun violence is out of control in the United States.

Glenn noted a few examples, such as Amnesty International's claim that "in the U.S., gun violence is an epidemic," and the BBC, who has claimed repeatedly that "Americans are obsessed with guns."

"America is too crazy about guns," Glenn said in a BBC article. "They can't even decide between an Apple MacBook and an AR rifle, like the one used in many of the nonstop mass shootings. If you're an American, you're probably asking yourself, 'should I get a Chromebook or a handgun like the one used in the Las Vegas shooting?'

"Really? That's what Americans are thinking?" exclaimed Glenn. "This, of course, is according to the BBC, the leading news source for a country in the throes of a knife crime epidemic."

Watch more in the video below:

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