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'You have NOT been abandoned': Glenn Beck has a powerful message for small businesses
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'You have NOT been abandoned': Glenn Beck has a powerful message for small businesses

Small businesses are in trouble across America

Small businesses are in trouble across America as the pandemic and government restrictions make it hard for them — especially restaurants — to keep their doors open.

Joe Crowley, the owner of a Boston-area restaurant and live music venue called Breakaway, joined Glenn Beck on the radio show Thursday to talk about how he poured everything he had into transforming a rundown old building into an unbelievably successful business over the course of five years, only to have "the rug just completely pulled out from underneath us, right at the point where we'd had an unbelievable 2019 and were ready to launch our 2020." Now his business is closed indefinitely, his 35 employees are laid off, and to make matters worse, a massive snowstorm just dumped a foot of snow on his city.

"I never felt abandonment from my state and federal government like I do today," Joe told Glenn. "I can't get a call back from a congressman or woman, a senator, the governor's office. We can't get a call in to start a discussion with them. And all we're asking is, what is the plan? ... Nobody is sitting here with their hand out saying, 'Give me. Give me.' We're saying, give us the plan. We elected you. Give us the direction. You can't let us go into the wintertime without anything. But that's exactly what they've done up in the Boston area. They've let us go into the winter, with no plan."

Joe questioned if the government's plan was to let businesses close all along or if there's any concern for the families that are being ruined, but Glenn reassured him, and any other small business owners listening, that they have not been abandoned by the American people.

"I know you feel abandoned and like nobody is paying attention. But people are," Glenn told Joe. "They're aware of it, and we stand with you ... you have not been abandoned by the American people."

If you can make a donation, even if just one dollar, to show small business owners that we WILL NOT abandon them this Christmas season, we'd be honored if you'd consider making a donation at "Glenn Fights for Small Business."


Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation with Joe Crowley:

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