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China just stationed 6 warships in the Middle East: 'If this goes wrong, we are at WWIII'

China just stationed 6 warships in the Middle East: 'If this goes wrong, we are at WWIII'

China is reportedly stationing six warships in the Middle East, and the U.S. Navy is increasing its presence in the area. To top it all off, Iran might have a nuclear weapon.

And to add fuel to an already out-of-control fire, the Biden administration is allegedly attempting to delay Israel’s ground invasion in order to free more hostages.

Glenn Beck isn’t convinced that’s the Biden administration's true motive and is worried what the latest actions taken by the world’s superpowers mean for the world.

“I don’t know if it’s about the hostages as much as it is a very convenient way for the United States to delay any kind of ground invasion until all the media turns on Israel, ‘cause that’s what’s happening,” Glenn says.

“I think this is a complete game that the White House is playing to keep B.B. Netanyahu and the Israelis from not striking,” he adds.

As for China’s warships, Glenn believes “that’s Iran and Russia” and the “axis of evil” in which those three are together.

“If this goes wrong, we are in World War III quickly” Glenn says, noting that he’s worried countries will start to turn against Israel because they won’t have a choice.

“I mean these countries have allowed themselves to be laid waste by so many Islamists. It’s not Islam — it is Islamists,” he explains.

Islamists believe that the Quran must be implemented as the highest source of law, while reformed Muslims do not believe this.

“They’re reformed and they’d be the first the Islamists would behead,” Glenn warns. However, because of this, they tend to keep quiet.

Even the BBC is holding its tongue, refusing to call Hamas a terrorist group.

“That’s really kind of not good: fueling more anti-Israel [sentiment] and anti-Semitism because they won’t say that the Palestinian Hamas was wrong,” Glenn says.

“You have the terror threat all over Europe going up,” he continues. “You’re going to have all of these Western countries say, 'Stop it; stop it, right now,' because they’ll be in trouble. So, you’re going to what, sacrifice the Jewish state?”

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