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Hold up: Did RINO Texas politicians ACTUALLY impeach an elected attorney general with ZERO evidence?

The Glenn Beck Program

According to Glenn Beck, something is very wrong in Texas.

The Texas state legislature is holding an impeachment trial for Attorney General Ken Paxton, but Glenn believes it might not be a legitimate trial but rather a RINO Republican hit job.

Texas Scorecard managing editor Brandon Waltens has been keeping tabs — and tells Glenn just what he knows.

“There is an impeachment going on of probably the strongest attorney general in the nation,” Glenn says, before asking Waltens how Texas got to this point.

Waltens explains that Ken Paxton was accused of abusing his office to help a friend by employees at the Office of the Attorney General, who then went to the FBI and reported him.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Texas lawmakers voted to impeach Paxton “based on testimony that wasn’t sworn testimony,” Waltens says. “Ken Paxton wasn’t made aware of their investigation until it came out, 48 hours before the vote.”

Waltens notes that the “House members were unable to look at the actual testimony; they had to rely on the word of the House as investigators.”

Paxton was not even allowed to respond in his own defense.

While those who have been pushing the impeachment have claimed the testimony and evidence would be groundbreaking, the trial started last week, and it’s anything but.

“The testimony has really, really been weak,” Waltens says.

According to the third whistleblower, “the concern began when Paxton advocated for the AG’s office to open an investigation into Nate Paul, alleged mistreatment by the FBI and Texas DPS during a raid.”

The whistleblower came to the “opinion” that Paul, who is Paxton’s friend, was a criminal who was not to be associated with.

Paxton believed the FBI was untrustworthy, which Glenn jokes is “far-fetched,” and hired outside counsel to help explore and adjudicate Paul’s claims.

Those who have been called to testify have discussed how “insane” it would be to investigate the FBI, which Waltens finds interesting, as a recent poll reports that 78% of Texans do not trust the FBI.

“It looks like someone else, some outside force is involved here,” Waltens says.

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