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TRAGIC: Houston woman killed by 'celebratory gunfire' moments into the new year

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'What goes up, does definitely come down'

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A Houston woman celebrating the new year with her family was shot and killed by "celebratory gunfire," according to local authorities.

Philippa Ashford, a 61-year-old nurse manager at the Menninger Clinic in Houston, was standing at the end of her driveway while friends and family dispatched fireworks in the nearby cul-de-sac just after midnight on Wednesday. According to witnesses, Ashford suddenly called out, "I think I've been shot" before collapsing to the ground.

She was pronounced dead at the scene from a single gunshot wound.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the shot likely came from "celebratory gunfire from outside the immediate neighborhood."

Investigators searched the area and were unable to locate the source of the gunfire anywhere close to the scene. No arrests have been made.

On Thursday's "Glenn Beck Radio Program," Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher (filling in for Glenn) discussed the details of this senseless and terrible tragedy.

"How many times do we hear this?" Jeff asked. "Over and over it happens, and it's so sad."

He said that people apparently don't realize that bullets shot into the air don't just disappear into the atmosphere.

"Safety tip: what goes up, does definitely come down," Pat emphasized. "Ridiculous. It's asinine and ... a real tragedy."

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