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Beck: How to restore TRUST in America

Beck: How to restore TRUST in America

How can we restore trust in America? Glenn Beck has the answer.

He points out that law enforcement agencies seem to be involved in a lot of the terror we see on the news.

For example: Just this past Sunday, a group of about one hundred protesters targeted a new police training facility in Atlanta — and it got violent. They set things on fire and broke down the fence. Thirty-five people were detained. It was “anarchy,” Beck says.

One of those protesting was an attorney from the Southern Poverty Law Center, who claims he was only there as a legal observer.

Beck says, “I got news for you. If Ted Cruz was in the crowd that was breaking down the windows of the Capitol on January 6 and said I’m only a legal observer — I wouldn’t excuse him.”

He goes on, “These are the people that our administration has gone to, to define domestic terror. And they have one of their attorneys there in the violent crowd.”

But this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“You seem to have a pattern here,” Beck points out. “It seems like your allies or your law enforcement agencies seem to be involved in a lot of these things. The Whitmer kidnapping; there were more cops involved than there were people that plotted it. That’s why everyone went free.”

“Then you have Ray Epps ... who claimed in a text that he coordinated [January 6], is on video telling everybody ‘you gotta go in, we gotta take this country back.’”

How can you restore trust in a government that is inherently untrustworthy? Beck has the hard answer.

He says, “I don’t know how you put it back together without unplugging and replugging the entire thing back in. You have to reset to factory settings. You have to clean out the nest of vipers. Our government, our police, FBI prosecutors, judges, schools”

Beck continues, “It’s time to find new guardians, because these guardians have failed to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

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