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Jordan Neely video shows US cities are ‘BECOMING GOTHAM’

The Glenn Beck Program

Is New York City becoming "Gotham"? Glenn Beck believes it is.

This week, a 30-year-old homeless New Yorker was killed on Monday afternoon while riding the subway.

His name was Jordan Neely, and he had been acting erratically when a 24-year-old Marine and several other passengers decided to step in. The Marine put Neely in a choke hold while two other passengers held him down. Neely died shortly after.

“They’re trying to make it into George Floyd,” Beck says.

He explains that cities like New York are “becoming Gotham” because their governments are “not taking the steps to arrest people. They are letting crime go free. They’re letting criminals go free. They’re letting murderers go free.”

“A decent person just trying to get to and from work riding the subway is abused almost every day,” he adds.

Neely had 42 prior arrests and an outstanding warrant at the time of his death — yet was still harassing passengers on the subway.

“You know you can’t count on the police, so is the government making it easier or harder for you to protect yourself?” Beck asks.

“Harder,” he answers. “They're taking away your guns and anyone who defends themselves — they’re doing a George Floyd march. You got a hostile government, it’s clear.”

“You have a hostile government,” he continues, “that no longer understands this is a country of, by, and for the people.”

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