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Tucker Carlson takes aim at Mike Lee for 'flip-flopping on Google' — Lee fires back with facts

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Tucker Carlson takes aim at Mike Lee for 'flip-flopping on Google' — Lee fires back with facts

'Antitrust should be about consumer welfare, not politics.'

During his prime time show Tuesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) of flip-flopping his position on antitrust investigations into Google.

"Just a few years ago that Utah Sen. Mike Lee was a persistent critic of Google," Carlson said. "But fast forward to today. Today, Mike Lee is one of Google's chief allies in Congress — maybe its biggest ally in the Republican Party."

Carlson went on to imply that Google bought Lee's loyalties through a series of investments in Utah and a 2015 fundraiser for the Utah senator.

On Friday's radio program, Glenn Beck disclosed the details of a conversation he initiated with Lee following Carlson's accusations.

"I've told him, 'Mike, if you go dark, I'm just going to have to just get out of this business. Because if you go dark, there's no chance. I mean, you have the best chance of being that beacon.' We have to have somebody that is educated on the Constitution, and is reasonable, rational, isn't a fire-bomber, but holds true to that Constitution," Glenn said. "And so I was really disturbed when I read this story about him flip-flopping on Google, and there's Google payouts and everything else.

"Well, he's not a flip-flopper, if you do your homework," he continued."There's a big explanation, a really good explanation, of what Mike is doing ... let me just read a couple of the emails that I got from Mike yesterday.

"We have to resist the impulse to conclude that, because big tech does some really bad things that we don't like, that that means that antitrust laws hold a remedy," Glenn read. "What's happening right now, is politicians — and this is a movement from the left — that what they really want to do is change the way we do antitrust.

"He has made it very clear for 10 years that antitrust should be about consumer welfare, not politics," Glenn noted. "So, if his complaint on Google is that they're stacking the deck, and they're pointing you to things that they own, things that they get kickbacks on, as well as politics, where you can't find the truth — then that is costing you more money. And so antitrust must be about the consumer and consumer's welfare.

"But there is this movement now," Glenn read, "that the left is trying to change the antitrust law, so that consumer welfare is no longer the governing standard. It seeks to jettison the modern evidence-based focus on protecting competition in favor of a long abandoned approach that bases antitrust enforcement on purely political objectives ... We can't let the antitrust laws be used by politicians, even if we agree ... I fear what precedent this might set where political lines might be drawn in a business setting."

Watch the video below for all the details:

Watch the full episode here.

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