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Pete Buttigieg surges to the front of the 2020 field in Iowa, New Hampshire: polls

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Is he the next best presidential contender or this week's 'new shoes'?

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South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has taken the lead in the Democratic presidential primary, holding a nine percentage-point lead in Iowa and an impressive ten point lead in New Hampshire, according to the latest polls.

But will the Democrat's new frontrunner be able to maintain his momentum with voters? On Tuesday's radio program, Glenn Beck and Pat Gray theorized that voters are likely just trying out different candidates as the primaries progress, just as they might try on a new pair of shoes.

"Anybody who looks fresh and new will do well for a while, and I think Buttigieg is the shiny new object," Pat said. "Because, I mean, I don't know what new policy he's proposed that has sparked this [surge]. I just think it's because they're tired of Biden. And they don't necessarily like Warren and Sanders. And so they're like, 'well, what about this guy?'"

Glenn compared the process of picking the best candidate from the current crop of presidential hopefuls to going "shoe shopping with a woman" who doesn't really like any of her options.

"Let me explain my theory on this," Glenn said. "If you've ever gone shoe shopping with a woman, and she doesn't know what shoe she's looked for, she will try on shoes and ... she'll walk around in them for a while ... and she'll say, 'What do you think about these?' ... and then she gets [another] pair of shoes, and a third pair of shoes, and a fourth pair of shoes, and then you end up walking out of the shoe store without a single shoe."

"Right now, Buttigieg is just a pair of pumps that [Democratic voters] are trying on at the store. And all of us are like, 'It's exactly like the other shoe. I don't see the difference between the last one you were trying on and this one'," he added. "As soon as they see something else, they'll try that one on because none of them are what they're really looking for."

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