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'This is indoctrination': Leaked documents reveal disturbing lessons our schools are planning to teach

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'I believe in understanding other people, but that's NOT what this is'

On the radio program Tuesday, Glenn Beck discussed the details of just one of the 800 leaked documents that reveal some truly disturbing lessons that schools all across America are planning to teach our kids.

"This is the Black Panthers' Ten-Point Program," Glenn said of the document. "This particular school assignment is to memorize the Black Panthers' Ten-Point program."

Glenn read the content of the Ten-Point Program, which includes demands for guaranteed income, guaranteed housing, reparations, free health care, and release from incarceration for "black and oppressed people."

"So your kids have to study all of this. And then ... students will be given a worksheet to make sure they retain the information," Glenn explained. "This is obscene. And this is one document — they get much worse than this. This is one of the documents that we will be exposing, that are building floated and put into action in schools across the country.

"I believe in understanding other people, but that's not what this is. This is indoctrination ... and, I believe, a trap for your children," he added.

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